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Below are the courses I teach with syllabus links to most of them. A primary focus of mine is to combine the theory of these subjects with real world experience to provide enhanced opportunities and examples for students to learn. A secondary focus of mine is writing. College students, in my opinion, should strive to have a strong grasp of English grammar. Part of a complete education is improving communication skills. Strong grammatical skills are a positive byproduct of a college education and something that distinguishes oneself.


Organizational Theory and Human Behavior     (MPA 630)

MPA 630 Syllabus        MPA 630 Log-in

This course gives students a historical perspective on organization theory and examines contemporary approaches to the study of organization. The concepts discussed apply to public, private and nonprofit organizations. Students take an active role in bringing their own observations to the discussion of topics such as decision-making, power, conflict, communication, leadership, motivation, group effectiveness, organizational change, personal and organizational autonomy. 


Public Policy Process     (MPA650)

MPA 650 Syllabus     MPA 650 Log-in

Public policy often determines the core of our political and personal lives. This course examines the development of legislative and regulatory policies and the role of public administrators as active participants in the policymaking process by studying problem identification, agenda setting, policy proposal and adoption. Students develop the breadth, skill and knowledge, as well as the understanding of our diverse society, needed for comprehensive analyses of public programs. 


Public Budgeting and Financial Administration     (MPA644)

MPA 644 Syllabus     MPA 644 Log-in

The ability of public officials to manage budgets, distribute resources and predict costs is crucial to a community's well-being. This course gives students a solid grounding in the concepts, terminology and techniques in the art and science of public sector budgeting and financial administration. Students use real world examples to analyze various approaches to public budgeting and revenue planning, evaluate and problem solve fiscal activities in governmental units, and gain "hands-on" budget preparation and presentation experience. 


American State and Local Government     (POS125)

POS 125 Syllabus     POS 125 Log-in

Includes the background of the U.S. Constitution, the philosophy of American government, general principles of the Constitution, federalism, and civil liberties.  Examines public opinion and citizen participation, political parties, interest groups, and the electoral process, and the structure and functions of the national government.  


Performance Measurement     (PRO 112)

Using performance measures effectively is essential to identifying and improving organizational outcomes. Participants learn to design, write, and evaluate recurring performance measures, which are tied to budget structure. A seven-step process of performance measures development is provided in addition to the skills needed to identify cost centers. This class is designed for anyone involved in budgeting and performance measure development and implementation.  


Policy Development in a Political Environment     (MGT 301)

This class builds on strategic planning. It enhances understanding of the role of policy development in the organization. The participant will learn to develop well-written and effective policies.  


Public Budgeting and Financial Management     (POS 215)

The process of public budgeting. Alternative budget systems including taxation, the appropriation process, program evaluation, and debt and risk management at federal, state, and local levels.  


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